Unsupported URL when trying to GetStream from an entity

Feb 3, 2012 at 10:07 PM

Hello, while I managed to upload file, I a problem with GetReadSteram on the OData client for Objective-C.


As in the documentation, to get a file I perform the following actions:

DataServiceQuery *query = [proxy pictures];

        [query filter:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"LinkedBoxID eq %@",selectedItem]];

        QueryOperationResponse *queryOperationResponse = [query execute];

         Model_Picture *thePicture =[[queryOperationResponse getResult] objectAtIndex:0];

        [thePicture retain];

        NSLog(@"pictureID ID: %@", [thePicture getID]); 

        DataServiceStreamResponse *streamresponse  = [proxy getReadStream:thePicture];


From this line, no matter what happens, I get a "unsupported URL" error. 

However, if I point my browser to the URL , which is$value , can see the picture displayed in my browser!


I'd also like to inform the developers that if I follow the sample step-by-step and write "NSData *stream =[response getStream];", Xcode shows a warning since [response getStream ] returns a NSString and not a NSData. 


Any help is appreciated, thank you



Apr 17, 2012 at 9:11 AM

I think "getStream" Method is not implemented yet