iPhone simulator hangs after updating oData object via updateObject and savechanges

Aug 19, 2012 at 3:32 PM


   We are facing a problem of the iPhone simulator locking up when using the oData client for objective C. The problem occurs when we query a oData object based on id and immediately update a property of the object using updateObject followed by saveChanges. The implementation is very similar to what is demonstrated in the User Guide.

Investigations show that the server receives the request, makes the changes and responds with a 2xx response. However the client fails to capture the response and stops responding even at the TCP level. The server retransmits 6 times and eventually gives up. I am still able to navigate between the screens but unable to perform any other action. The problem occurs irrespective of the setting of the savechanges options. Also setting or not setting the delegate does not make a difference.

The implementation is pretty standard and straight-forward so we are not sure where we are going wrong. If anyone has come across such a problem and could give any pointers on how we could debug/ resolve this, it would be much appreciated.