How to "Expand" in Objective C...

Oct 21, 2011 at 7:24 PM

I can make an Odata call, but when I try to "Expand" child objects on the query, I keep getting HTTPErrors.  I'm not sure how to expand the is my call to my WCF Odata service...


CAEntities *proxy = [[CAEntities alloc] initWithUri:@"http://SERVERNAME/SERVICENAME.svc/" credential:nil];


    DataServiceQuery *qry = [proxy talents];

    [qry top:200];

    [qry orderBy:@"name"];


 //Here is where we are trying to Expand for child objects...

    //[qry expand:@"TalentCredit"];

    //[qry expand:@"CAModel_Talent"];   

    //[qry expand:@"Credits"];


    QueryOperationResponse *result = [qry execute];

    talentSearchResults = [[result getResult] retain];

 //I get the HTTP ERROR when I qry execute gets called...